Saturday, 10 March 2012

Question : Write an essay on ways teenagers can protect themselves in view of the recent increase in     sexual crimes agonists them. You should write at least 350 words.

“Mom, yesterday my friend, Suzy has been kidnapped on her way to school. She almost had been raped by the kidnapper”.  “How was it happened, ana?”.  “She has been kidnapped at dark alley behind the shops”.  “It’s very dangerous. So, you should prepare yourselves! At least you must have a martial art skills, do not walk in the dark alley and you must have a protecting tools always with you.” This is the situation where one of the teenagers had become a victim in the crimes. Hence, as a teenagers,  they should have to prepare themselves to prevent unexpected things to be occur.
First and foremost, teenagers should attend martial art class in order to protect themselves from a being a victim for sexual crimes. For instance, taekwondo, silat, tomoi are some of martial art classes. By attending this class, they will learn a lot of skills to protect themselves. Therefore, they will have high confidence to go out alone or with their friends. By attending these classes too, teenagers more safe and brave to face all the obstacles and any unexpected incidents. In short, attending material art class is crucial for teenagers to prevent themselves from being a victim of sexual crimes.
Besides, walking alone should be avoided by teenagers especially when they go out from their home. They have to walk with in a group at least 2 persons especially for girls. Nowadays we often heard, there are a lot of sexual crimes at midnight especially in deserted area. Hence, teenagers should avoid from walking alone in deserted area at late night. This is because, crime usually happen in such area as there are no people to help them if they are being attacked by criminals. This will increase the opportunity of teenagers to be a victim of sexual crime.
Next, teenagers should bring protecting material especially for girls. For instance, for the teenagers, they should have at least a package of protecting material such as perfume, fingernail tip, whistle and others. This will help them to protect themselves better as they can used it anytime and it is easy to be lifted everywhere. For example, when teenagers are being attacked by the criminal, they can use their perfume by spraying it to the eyes of criminal. As a result, at least, they can delay the time before asking for help from other people. As a conclusion, teenagers should bring protecting material in order to ensure their safety more secured.
Last but not least, teenagers are not encouraged to wear sexy clothes. Take notes! Not only girls experience sexual crimes, but boys too. This is because, sexy clothes can attract criminal become closer to them as the girls or boys wearing sexy clothes. As a result, the probability of being disturbed or raped will high.
In summary, there are many ways for the teenagers to protect themselves in order to avoid sexual crime. It is crucial for teenagers to conquer as many ways to protect themselves as they can.  As impact, more teenagers could be saved from sexual crimes, hence directly decrease the number of victim of sexual crime. As saying goes, teenagers today visualized our country in future generation. So, further action should be taken in order to care the teenagers.


  1. we want to add a point.
    one of the ways to avoid sexual crime is by not giving full trust on people who are newly known as nowadays most of the sexual crimes are committed by those people.thank you.

  2. salam..greetings to all of you my fellow friends.
    we have read through your essay,nice!
    it is true that the teenagers are not encouraged to wear sexy clothes..
    but, we got some suggestion to you.
    maybe you should replaced the term sexy clothes with the clothes that can grap people's attention.
    thank you

  3. salam...can i post an essay in here? after reading your essay i am interested to write too...hehe.. :)