Monday, 27 February 2012

 Title :    “Good parents make good children, bad parents make bad children." What is your  opinion    about the statement above?

When kids act out, it always the parents who get the blame. Why is it like that? Should the parents are the one who must be blamed if their children have bad behaviour and play truently? In our point of view, there are a lot of other factors that can influence children behaviour. We should not blame the parents only as they always try their best in educating their children since the children were born.

Primary factor that contribute to children behaviour is mass media. As we all know, mass media has become important medium for transferring and receiving information. For instance, television, internet, radio and newspaper. Children will surely be affected by this medium if these important mediums not be taken care. Most of children today tend to spend their time in front of the computer for playing games and surfing internet. How about when the children were surfing internet, suddenly pornography picture pop out. We should know that children are not expert in differentiating between bad and good. Moreover, it is outrageous when we found out that FINAS ( National Film Development Corporation Malaysia) does not filter their film anymore. Let us think about it together. This is bad! Children will be badly affected by mass media. There are many films that can encourage children to involve in bad things such as rempit.For example, Evolusi KL Drift film maybe was created to give good impact to Malaysia citizen. Unfortunately, our beloved children tend to follow the action rather than taking moral of the story. In conclusion, mass media should be filtered in order to make children influenced by good thing.

 Besides, peer influenced also contribute to the children’s attitude. It is because children spend almost of their time with their friends. As we all realize, they spent almost 6 to 7 hours in the school per day and they go to school 5 days a week. Sometimes they have discussion or hang out together with their friends. From this aspect, did you realize that children spend a lot of their time with their friends instead with their parents at home? It can’t be denied that friend gives a very great impact to children’s behaviour. Behaviour of the children depends on their friends. A good friend can guide to the truth path while if children befriend with a bad person, indirectly children are influenced by their friend’s action.  For example, let us think, if one group of teenagers do bad thing such as smoking, children will easily get  influenced by their friends. As we all realize, children or teenagers have high inquiries. Because of these  high inquiries, they will try to smoke without thinking any side effects. So, should we blame the parents if their children have bad behaviour while friends are one of the main factors which contribute in behaviour of children?
Other than that, parents should not be blamed for the children behaviour because environment could be one of external factors that influence them. For instance, as we all know there are a lot of cybercaf√©  in Malaysia. These emergence, will affect children behaviour since most of children love to play games. They dare to go to cybercaf√© even during school sessions just to play games. This will lead to absenteeism and truancy among school children. Besides, we often heard a lot of social issues and crime issues whether in newspaper, radio or televisions. This  shows there are a lot of immoral people outside children’s home. Is it this environment that all of us want to educate our children? Should the parents be blamed for children’s behaviour if the environment  become worse and worst? Life of children is the most challenges. They easily   get influenced by their environment because they don’t have a lot of knowledge. So, as  responsible  citizens, we should guide the children to the right path. We have to show the good examples  since they will become the leader of our beloved country one day. Remember, if you want to see our country in our future, look at our children today. Stop to put on blame on parents if the children is bad, but let all of us take good care of the environment  for the sake of our future. Parents have tried their best to educate their children and now, it is our turn to play role to keep the environment in harmony.

 In a nutshell, we absolutely disagree that good parents make good children, bad parents make bad children as there are many factors that influence them. Instead of the parents, mass media and peer influence also play important role in contributing the children's attitude. Although there are a lot of other factors that influenced  them, parents have to play their role in educating their children. We understand that parents have a lot of responsibilities, but they cannot neglect their children. Come on parents! Try your best! ' Better die trying rather than give up  

Friday, 24 February 2012

Title : Dying people should be kept on life support. Do you agree?

   " I don't care, we should keep on continuing this life support for mom! ", " We have to let it go, honey. We should not let her suffer anymore ", "But what if she wake up again? Don't you want to see her beautiful smile again? Please my big brother, let give her chance to live just a little longer". Maybe these are some experience which happens to other people or you yourself to be in this situation. It is quite a great dilemma when we are in the middle of two lines. Life or death. As medical students, we might face this situation in the future. In our opinion, we strongly disagree with the action of the sister who wants to longer the life of her mother because of many factors.

   Dying people should not be kept on life support because it is like we suffered them. Just you imagine, if someone is dying, you wouldn't let them sit there and suffer, would you? We are like forcing unbreathable people to breathe. Just think if you hurt so bad where you couldn't get up and walk,and you are forced to get up and walk. Is it very difficult and suffered right?  So, we must let them go instead by keeping them on life support. Although there are some people said there is a small probability of dying people to getting health back, only small percent of people will get full and good recovery to live. They might be recover but not in a good healthy. For example, when someone  is dying and be keeping on life support, suddenly miracles happen and the dying person wake up, but the person is still in weak condition. He or she must undergo many treatment to get full recovery and it took a very long time. However, on getting the full recovery, there is also a chances to get the disease or attack back. So, there is no point to keep the dying people on life support.

   In addition, keeping the dying persons on life support can also cause them, super-majority of family and friends false hope. Just imagine, if you are at the dying person position and you were told you only have several months to live.What are your feelings at that moment? Off course, you feel depressed right? As the effect, you will have negative minded   and become bad, worse, and worst since you only think by keeping you on the life support you can live. You can’t think of any other solutions and you will lose hope. You are on the bed with everyone is sitting beside you with sad face. Is it what you want at the end of your life? No happiness, no enjoyment, and your life is full of darkness and sorrow. NO right? So, why don’t we let them to live in peace with positive minded that they will live happily ever after. They can fulfill their precious times with family, relatives, friends and the beloved ones.We should support these special persons and inspires them.By this way, they will have strength to face all the challenges and obstacles in their life although they know the death is coming.I strongly believe, by this way, the dying persons can heal more easily or at least if they die, they will not regret because they have made preparation for it. They will die in happiness and all sweet memories with beloved ones. In short, keeping the dying person on the life support is not always the best choice.

   Moreover, the reason why we do not agree on keeping dying people's life by life support machine because of high cost needed for the treatment during her or his dying.The cost involving her food,medicine and even petrol used for shuttling from home to hospital is counted.On top of that,family members or people who closely related with patient need to earn more money in order to pay hospital bill.Plus,nowadays most special treatment required much money.People who have more money could get first class ward whereas people with no money would get ward which is less comfortable.As a family member,of course we want the best for our family,right ?So,I would like you to decide which is truly the 'best' for the patients.It also will need much money if we kept the dying people longer.The longer we keep their life by life support machine,the higher the cost needed.In conclusion,we oppose dying people's life is support by life machine as it cost much money.

   As a conclusion we disagree that life support machine should be given to dying people.We thinks,it is best for them to die rather than suffering their disease such as cancer, brain tumor and HIV. We knew that maybe some of the reader would not agree with our statement,but let us think this quote together 'You only live once,but if you do it right,once is enough'

Thursday, 23 February 2012

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